Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells came to us shortly after Thanksgiving.  She was so much fun!  I know she was treasured around here!  Ruthie wanted to name her Ginger and Randy wanted to name her Sugar.  Her name was going to be Sugar Ginger, but that was HARD for Randy to say.  So, Ruthie suggested Jingle Bells and it stuck!  Thank goodness b/c Sugar Ginger is a mouthful! 

The first thing Miss Jingle Bells did was grab our undies and replace our stockings with our undies.  My mom thought we were really using our undies as stockings.

Here she is stuck in a jar!

 She dug into our candy bowl!
Apparently she is a lot like me...she loves Pepsi!  She graciously moved when she realized I needed one!
  Cousin Simon came to stay the night and apparently his elf- Alvin came along and went for a ride with Jingle Bells!
 She toilet-papered our tree!

 She bathed in some marshmallows and we got home, we realized she (or Jack) ate them all but two!
She read to the power rangers and dolls!

 Hung out in Randy's stocking!
 Watched some Veggie Tales!
 Made a snow angel!
Zip-lined in our living room!
And had a tea party with the Barbies!
Needless to say she was busy this year.  I can't wait till she can come back.  The kids kissed her and told her good bye right before they went to bed Christmas Eve. 

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