Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walking the Talk

That was our church camp theme last year.  Funny how you can think you are, but in reality- you are not.  I have not been as faithful as I need to be on my personal studies. We study for our youth group and I study for my Sunday School class, but I rarely make time for my personal studies.  It shows in my daily walk.  I have failed Him. However, this makes me even more thankful for His unending love.  So grateful.

I have started a study in John.  I have read books of the Bible and lots out of John but I don't think I have sat down and studied this book from start to finish.  I am starting now.  I am not trying to fly through it.  I am taking it chapter by chapter and maybe less if it involves much more detail.  Chapter one itself showed so much to me.  I want to include some of my notes, just in case someone (anyone?) out there could use this.

John chapter 1:

  • God was there, along with Jesus.  John came to share Jesus.  Light (Jesus) will always overcome darkness (evil.)  In this light, we see who we truly are, but it helps to put us on the right track.  We are witnesses- here to reflect God's light.  
  • Moses came to present the law, but Jesus came to show God's mercy, love, and forgiveness. 
  •  John was an odd man, who developed quit the crowd.  They followed him.  John was asked who he was.  He replied by saying he was just preparing the way for the One.  John didn't want them to him, but to know Jesus.  John baptized as a sign of repentance.  According to Jesus, John was the greatest of all prophets.  Even John felt unworthy of Jesus.  We should feel the same.  John was quick to give Jesus all the glory.  John was shown that Jesus was the Messiah at His baptism, by the Holy Spirit descending like a dove.  John's job was to point others to Jesus.  Today, people are looking for someone to provide security.  Our job is to point them to Jesus.  
  • The disciples proved to us that words of faith come easy, but deep appreciation of Christ comes by faith.
  • Nathanael was a man I hadn't heard much about until this chapter.  His little part in this chapter speaks volumes to me.  He almost missed out on the Messiah by stereotyping.  He said nothing good could come out of Nazareth.  Jesus knew this.  Nathanael was impressed by Jesus' knowledge of him.  Jesus promises greater things than this!  We need to invite those who stereotype to know who the REAL Jesus is.  So many believe they know who He is but don't have a clue.  That's our job!  Point them to HIM!
I pray I can stay on track with this study.  I am known to fall of the wagon and don't stick with things well.  However, I know this study time with Him will help my days ahead.  

Just a few photos of a few people that I am more than grateful for!

A man of God who loves to read His Word!

And two little cuties who God is allowing me to raise!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells came to us shortly after Thanksgiving.  She was so much fun!  I know she was treasured around here!  Ruthie wanted to name her Ginger and Randy wanted to name her Sugar.  Her name was going to be Sugar Ginger, but that was HARD for Randy to say.  So, Ruthie suggested Jingle Bells and it stuck!  Thank goodness b/c Sugar Ginger is a mouthful! 

The first thing Miss Jingle Bells did was grab our undies and replace our stockings with our undies.  My mom thought we were really using our undies as stockings.

Here she is stuck in a jar!

 She dug into our candy bowl!
Apparently she is a lot like me...she loves Pepsi!  She graciously moved when she realized I needed one!
  Cousin Simon came to stay the night and apparently his elf- Alvin came along and went for a ride with Jingle Bells!
 She toilet-papered our tree!

 She bathed in some marshmallows and we got home, we realized she (or Jack) ate them all but two!
She read to the power rangers and dolls!

 Hung out in Randy's stocking!
 Watched some Veggie Tales!
 Made a snow angel!
Zip-lined in our living room!
And had a tea party with the Barbies!
Needless to say she was busy this year.  I can't wait till she can come back.  The kids kissed her and told her good bye right before they went to bed Christmas Eve. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year, new beginning

So, I realize that I have been absent from my original blog.  I didn't have any more room to add pictures, and I wasn't going to start deleting them, so I decided to start a new one.  I don't feel like a blog is a blog without photos!   With that being said, here is an update from my house:

Things are going great.  Christmas and Thanksgiving was amazing, as always.  We celebrated so many times!  Lots of good food, lots of good laughs, and most importantly, lots of good family time! We are still enjoying a great Christmas break, and I am so thankful for the time off.

Here is my CRAZY family!  The thing is, we TRIED for a decent one, but we failed.  Someone kept making faces....so we caved!  Silly shot it is!

Here we are at Christmas Tree Lane!  We brought out sweet Haley with us!

More at Christmas Tree Lane

And more from Christmas celebrations!

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!