Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bus Stop

There's something about these photos that I love.  I have made it a habit to try to capture some decent photos of the kids getting on the bus.  Granted, I haven't taken any with my big girl camera, but I do have these memories captured with my phone.  I love the way the mornings make everything seem fresh and new.  I love the way the kids are excited to go to school.

To start it off, I wanted to share this one.  This was a few years back when Randy wasn't in school yet!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Missing this place

Yes, it has been a long, long time since I have posted.  It's been crazy.  I can't even begin to tell you how crazy life has been.  Busy. Busy. Busy.  I miss posting about my kiddos.  I have been coming back to my blog a lot here recently to look up certain things, remember dates, and just to look at my sweet tiny babies.  Those tiny babies aren't tiny babies anymore.  They are growing up on me.  They are full of energy, loving, crazy, babies.  Yes, still my babies.  Always my babies.

I wish I could say this posting thing is going to happen more often.  I can't say that, but I do want to make an effort.  I'm not a comical blogger.  I'm not a perfect tidy house blogger.  I am just me wanting to document life for myself.

Life is good.  Better than good actually.  Randy started kindergarten this year!  YES!  KINDERGARTEN!  Crazy huh?  I am very pleased to say he is excelling and loving every single minute of it.  He has a great teacher and he is enjoying school.  He played flag football this year and let me tell you.....this mamma is now a huge fan of football.  I never really liked it before.  I think it's because my high school didn't have it.  I never learned the ins and outs of football.  Give me baseball or basketball any day.  Until now.  I feel in love watching him play football.  He loved every single minute of it.  He found his game, his passion.

Ruthie has turned into this crazy girl!  She is so fun, goofy, and hilarious.  Sometimes I can't even explain what she does that makes me giggle, but she is a mess.  She is just like her dad.  She never takes a serious picture anymore. She is always wanting to be a clown.  I love her for it too.  She keeps us going.  This smart little whip just got Student of the Month too!  Such a proud mommy!

Randall and I are still teaching the youth and maintaining our jobs.  I finish college with my bachelor's degree this December!  It's been a long time coming and I am so grateful to be finishing!  We are still working on getting our house ready to foster/adopt.  This is still a huge dream for us and we pray it happens soon.

I am hoping to pop back on here soon.  I miss blogging.  Until then- enjoy my beautiful babies!