Friday, July 5, 2013


Bless you!  That's you sneezing b/c of the dust that has gathered on this blog!  Last time I posted we were in wait of summer, and now summer is almost 1/2 way over!
We have been one super busy family!  Let's see, we kicked off June with church camp, then the following weekend we headed to Branson, then as soon as we got back, Randall headed to the Philippines.  Needless to say, that's why this blog is a bit dusty!
I would love to kick off this with some photos from church camp, but I have yet to edit them!  They are still sitting on my camera card.  We had a great year this year.  We did a camp on our own and I think it turned out good.  We had six kids saved!  I was able to lead two of them to the Lord!  What an amazing opportunity!  It was more laid back and the kids had time to just be kids.  The adults had a great time as well.  Bro. Ron Owen was our preacher, and he did a great job! 
Church camp was over on Wednesday.  We got back, and that Friday we headed out to Branson, MO.  That night we watched a movie, rode go-karts, cracked up watching Randy drive his own go-kart, and played putt-putt.  I was very quick to realize that we have ZERO golfing talent in our family.  ZERO!  Randall's job sends us to Silver Dollar City for a day for their company picnic.  It's always a great time for the whole family.  This year, Steph and Ski decided to join us.  We got there as soon as it opened.  The kids rode tons of rides.  When Steph and Ski showed up, we rode a few more and then they closed down the rides due to inclement weather.  Bummer.  The weather didn't clear up, but we found out SDC gives rain checks!  Who would have thought?!!  I know I didn't!  I am super excited b/c we can go back another day, any day we choose! 
As soon as we got back, Randall had to wash all his clothes and pack for the Philippines.  He was leaving out Monday morning and he was gone for twelve days.  This is such a great mission trip for him and he loves that country.  One day, I would love to join him.  He made it back just in time to say goodbye to his sweet grandma.  We have been busy this week with visitation and the funeral.  She was one sweet, stubborn woman who will be dearly missed.  However, she is walking the streets of gold with her husband and children!  Ruthie sang "I'll Fly Away" to her as she was in the nursing home about 3 hours before she passed.  One precious moment right there!
This week we celebrated Independence Day.  I am so grateful to live in a country like we do.  Yes, it's getting worse by the minute, but we are still very lucky.  I will have tons of photos to share soon from Randall's trip and church camp and Independence Day, but for right now, I will share some Branson photos!