Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Randy's Kindergarten Graduation {super late post}

This post is so late, it's not even funny, but it is one that needs to be documented!  Randy graduated kindergarten back in May.  This little guy makes me oh so proud!  I love to look back on what Ruthie was like at his age.  When I was looking through the pictures, it sure made me laugh.  Both of them were so nervous, but smiling through the whole thing.  Anytime a teacher acknowledged them, they ducked their head out of shyness.  Randall smiles when he's really nervous and I am thankful it's a little trait that he passed down to the kiddos b/c I happen to think it is adorable!  

Before we went to the ceremony, we stopped at the church to grab a few shots of my handsome boy!

See the cute little nervous smiles???

To top off the graduation ceremony- he won the leadership award!  That's my boy!  

Being a mother to this sweet boy is such a treasure!  


  1. Awww - I love the photos, and those sweet smiles! Congratulations to Randy!

  2. LOVE these, Sadie! Your little man is off to a great start in life. I know you and Randall are both so proud. Give him an extra squeeze from me. :+)