Friday, December 4, 2015


I have to admit, growing up, I was quite the tomboy.  Fishing, shooting my BB gun, playing in the dirt, playing with cars and trucks, and riding my bike was just what I liked to do.  As I got older, things just changed.  Now that I have children, I want them to experience those things.  Fishing wasn't something I thought I would enjoy again, but boy was I wrong.  We've fished here and there a few times, but this summer, we all fell in love with the hobby again.  
Randall decided to take us all fishing.  We loaded up, took our dog Jack with us, and headed to the creek.  We were not really prepared, so it was a mess, but we sure had fun.  We started it off with choosing a really small place for us four, plus a large dog, to fish.  As we are going down the muddy slope, Jack took off and Randy was holding the leash.  Randy fell down the slope and almost landed in the water.  He wasn't hurt so we all sat and had a good laugh while brushing the mud off Randy.  We had a good time, and caught a few fish.  
Randy after his fall:

Ruthie caught a few fish that night!

The next night, we loaded up our kayak & canoe and decided to go down the creek and see what we could catch.  We had such an amazing time that evening.  The sun was shining and it was just such a neat experience!  I can't wait until it warms up and we can go back out and do it again!

Check out that light!

Daddy helping the kids out with a fish!

Even though I hate photos of myself, my kids need to know I am there too!

Just a collage of the rest of the evening.

Winter, hurry up so Spring can come along and let us fish again!

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  1. I grew up a Tom Boy too, Sadie! looks like you had a GREAT day re-living your Tom Boy days. :+)