Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 2: Project365

I am hoping to stay on track with this blog!  I sure miss looking back and reading about my daily activities with my babies!

Day 8:
We always enjoy going and watching our youth in their activities.  This night was no exception!  Loved seeing them play basketball, cheer, and visiting in the stands!

Day 9: 
We took a trip to Fuji's-- my most FAVORITE place to eat. Oh, it was as ah-mazing as always!  YUMMO!

Day 10:
We had a train table in Randy's room that did nothing but collect junk.  He never played with it.  So since their love of Legos has grown, we decided to turn it into a Lego table instead!  

Day 11:
Cousin Alex came over and played with Randy and his Legos!  Love that Randy has him to look up to!


Day 12:
Another one of Miss Ruthie Pooh reading.  Here lately, she's been on a Diary of a Wimpy Kid kick!  

Day 13:
Resting day.  We stayed home from school this day and did nothing but rest.  I told the kids they are stuck on the couch.  We watched tons of movies, snuggled, and napped. 

Day 14:
Haircut time for this little man. He didn't want to at first, but when I told him I could do a better faux-hawk with shorter hair, he was game!  (This was a before pic)

Week three coming up soon!

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  1. I like sharing your week. I think the resting day sounds wonderful!