Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Starting off 2015 with a P365

I found a great photographer who started a project 365 and invited other photographers to join.  The best part- it is phoneography!  Why is this good?  I have been super lazy with my big camera, and I use my phone so much more for those lifestyle snaps.  I am super excited and so far, after 13 days, I have kept up with it.  I hope I can continue.  I need to find ways to be more inspired, but in the winter months, it's tough.  I loathe the cold weather....absolutely loathe it.  However, I am going to keep on trucking and wait impatiently for that warm sunshine on my face!

Week One of Project365-

Day 1:
The kiddos fell in love with Legos.  I found some upstairs that I have been hoarding saving for years.  I love watching their imagination run wild!

Day 2:
My sweet Peach all curled up in the recliner.  Her beauty never fails to amaze me!

Day 3:
We took a trip to see Pops and Granny in Oklahoma.  Randy fell in love with Pop's guitar collection.  Randy would just sit and play.  I think he might need one soon!

Day 4:
I don't think words will ever do this photo justice.  On our new sanctuary dedication, my brother and my father both joined the church.  What an amazing moment that was for me!  As you may have noticed in my last post, my mom joined the church as well and was baptized.  Well, my brother decided to be re-baptized.  I was so blessed to be there to witness it.  I can't even begin to describe how much West Park has changed our lives for the better!

Day 5:
I took this the Monday after Christmas break.  I was trying to find the beauty in the day, and when I looked up, this is what I saw.

Day 6:
Ruthie's love for reading is growing each and every day.  In fact, today, she finished a book.  Yep, she's like me in that sense; I could sit and read all day long!

Day 7:
Randy hadn't been feeling good (still isn't) and we took a trip to the doctor.  Turns out, he was quite wheezy and they gave him in inhaler.  He was in a good, goofy mood that day though!

Since today is the 13th, I am hoping to be back on tomorrow with another post.  So excited to be on this journey of Project365!


  1. you're off to a GREAT start, Sadie! I look forward to watching this year unfold with you. :D

  2. Great pictures that show so much of your life. I see so much of Randall in Ruthie in these shots. The baptism photo is wonderful!