Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One More Soul!

Randy became a child of the One True King on June 6, 2015!  What an amazing night it was.  We were at church camp at Baptist Vista.  Brother Zach hadn't even made it up to start preaching, but the song Just As I Am was playing.  Kids were coming to the altar.  Randall and I went up there and began praying for the youth that had heavy hearts.  As I come back to the pew,  I see that Randy is crying.  We asked him what was going on and he replied that he wanted Jesus and he didn't want to go to hell.  Randall and I looked at each other in shock!  He was so young.  We sort of questioned it, but decided he was ready.  He knew the steps, he understood sin and why we needed to be saved.  We followed him up to the altar, and Randall lead him in a sinner's prayer of salvation.  WHEW!  What a glorious, glorious day!  God is oh so good!  It felt so good to know that our little family of four will ALL being going to Heaven one day.
Before the services at church camp, Randall takes a rock and prays over it.  The rocks are given to the child that accepts Jesus as their Savior at camp to signify that Jesus will forever be their rock.  I think it is a fantastic tradition.  Little did Randall know that the rock he prayed over would be going to his baby boy that night!
Here he is that night!

Shortly after church camp, Randy made the decision to be baptized and show his profession of faith and take the first step.  Bro. Troy allowed Randall the opportunity to baptize him.  I am so grateful that both of my kids had the opportunity to be baptized by their own father.  What a special memory that will be for each of them.  

As a mother, knowing that your children are going to heaven, well, NOTHING can top that.  I have prayed and prayed for each of my kids to come to make that decision on their own.  Some may think Randy was too young.  Some may even think Ruthie was.  BUT, I know.  I saw the look in their eyes, and I could tell it was true and heart felt.  Nothing is sweeter than that.  I praise God every day that  I will see them in Heaven when that time comes.  You can't take anything but family with you to Heaven and I am grateful I get to do just that.  


  1. Hi Sadie! It's so good to hear from you, and this is the very best news! It's the most important decision they will ever make.