Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My baby girl!

That's right, my baby girl has turned seven.  Any answers?  I don't have any that is for sure.  This little girl has grown up so much.  She graced us with her presence on Feb 10th, 2006.  She came to us after I was scared to death thinking I would have to have a c-section.  I was induced on January 27th, and it didn't take.  I went home for two weeks and we tried again.  Thank goodness she was ready to come out then!  It wasn't a hard labor, and I happen to think birth is the most amazing process ever.  I loved meeting my little girl!  I was overwhelmed with love for her.  I had no clue how she came from me, but I am beyond thankful for God's gift of her.  Today, she is a kind, loving, funny, goofball, motor-mouth, crazy, shy, smart as all get out, beautiful brown-eyed girl.  She looks like her daddy, acts nothing like me at her age, but yet, she fits right in.  She made us parents.  Seven years ago, I saw Randall become a dad, and what a great daddy he is.


Me @ 36 weeks-


One year:

Two years:

Three years:

Four years:

Five years:

Six years:

And last but not least, her seven year photos.  These I just took really quickly today.  Sniff Sniff....she's officially seven.  Yes, I am aware the headband doesn't match!  I didn't bother arguing today!



  1. Happy Birthday Ruthie!
    She's growing into a beautiful young lady and even better - she's growing up grounded in Christ.
    My daughter turns 27 tomorrow and I don't know where those years went!

  2. Happy happy birthday to your big beautiful girl!

    I have a friend who likes to say "the hours are long, but the dys fly by,"

    (((Hugs))) to you all!